OWP Keynote talk
November 19, 2020 - Tania Singer gives a keynote on how to reduce burnout, stress, and depression by mental training. She emphasizes how this is even more important during turbulent times and how it relates to business leaders and organizations. more
Expedition 2025
September 25 2020 - In an article by Barbara Esser on the subject of "When values ​​become deeds", Tania Singer's research on increasing social cohesion and resilience is mentioned. (German) more
Launch of the CovSocial research project
September 10, 2020 - A Berlin research project on experiencing stress, social cohesion and resilience during the Corona crisis in cooperation with the Charite, the Humboldt University of Berlin and the MPI for Psychiatry, funded by the Max Planck Society and the Berlin University Alliance (BUA). more
Cuba Platform Interview with john a. powell and Tania Singer (Podcast)
July 22, 2020 - In this podcast, Sarah Stephens (Cuba Platform) continues a conversation with john a. powell (Othering and Belonging Institute) and Tania Singer on othering, brain science, and pathways to belonging, compassion, and care. more
Interview in Mindful Doctor Newsletter
July 22, 2020 - Prior to the Mindful Doctor Conference (September 04-06 in Berlin, Germany) an interview with Tania Singer has been released by the Mindful Doctor Newsletter. (German) more
H.H. the Dalai Lama's legacy on science to mark his 85th birthday
July 05, 2020 - Tania Singer was interviewed by the radio station RFATibetan on the occasion of the 85th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. A compilation of her and other contributions has been published on Youtube. (Tibetan) more
Online Keynote at IMD's Orchestrating Winning Performance
June 25, 2020 - Tania Singer talks about the growing importance of mental health and what research has shown how mental training can help increase resilience and cooperation in teams. more
Successful Fund Raising

Successful Fund Raising

May, 08th 2020 - Tania Singer and Mazda Adli from the Charite Berlin together with a consortium of five other Professors Christine Heim (Charité), Sonja Entringer (Charité), Elisabeth Binder (MPI), Felix Balnkenburg (FU) und Manuel Völkle (HU)  have successfully raised funds in the CoVid-19 Pandemic Special Call for Proposals of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA). More details and news on the “CovSocial” project will follow shortly.
Interview with Ilios Kotsou
April, 14th 2020 - Tania Singer was interviewed by Ilios Kotsou from Emergence about the relevance of compassion and care in times of Covid-19 pandemics and how to apply her findings to help healthcare workers with everyday workplace challenges. (French) more
Understanding Empathy and Compassion
March, 11th 2020 - Tania Singer and Edwin Rutsch discuss on the benefits in people empathically listening to each other. more
TOP 100 Paper in Scientific Reports 2019
March, 11th 2020 - The research article Voluntary upregulation of heart rate variability through biofeedback is improved by mental contemplative training is placed as one of the top 100 downloaded neuroscience papers for Scientific Reports in 2019. more
The brain has two systems for thinking about others’ thoughts
March, 9th 2020 - In order to understand what another person thinks and how he or she will behave we must take someone else’s perspective. This ability is referred to as Theory of Mind. Until recently, researchers were at odds concerning the age at which children are able to do such perspective taking. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, University College London, and the Social Neuroscience Lab Berlin shed new light on this question. Only 4-year-olds seem to be able to understand what others think. more
A courageous leadership team needs an awakened organizational heart
March 4th 2020 - Ahead of her keynote address at IMD’s LIVE-Orchestrating Winning Performance (online) on 25 June 2020 in Lausanne, neuroscientist Tania Singer outlines some of her research insights on building resilient and collaborative organizational teams. more
Podcast Sidewalk Talks
December 3rd 2019 - In this Podcast Tania Singer and Traci Ruble talk about the ReSource Project and how heart-centered listening makes us more compassionate than mindfulness alone. more
Bienestar Docente y Neurociencias
November 28th 2019 - Tania Singer presents her research on this conference hosted by the Goethe Schule in Buenos Aires, Argentina. more
Self-protection or selfishness? About the pros and cons of mindfulness practice
November 18th 2019 - In this report, broadcasted by rbbkultur (German only), Vera Block explores the question of whether the new social trend of mindfulness practice entails risks and interviews Tania Singer on her research and the ReSource Project. more
Contemplative Science Symposium
October 25th 2019 - Tania Singer presents her research at the Contemplative Science Symposium hosted by Mind and Life Europe. more
Science, Art & Meditation 2019 (SAM)
October 18th-19th 2019 - Tania Singer particpates in a panel discussion together with Thierry Janssen, Rose, Aurélie Godefroy und Frédéric Lopez. SAM 2019 took place in Strasbourg, France. more
Tania Singer presents research at the LEAD for GOOD Symposium
October 17th 2019 - The IFLP (Institut Francais du Leadership Positif) appoints executives who reinvent their leadership, accelerate their transformation and positively influence society. Theevent took place in Lyon, France. more
The Digital Table
October 14th 2019 - Online interview on the exploration of wellbeing in the digital age - over lunch. more
<p>What is good for what? - Different forms of meditation: Mindfulness, Mindfulness and Compassion - Existential Consciousness Research Institute</p>
May 18th 2019 - Tania Singer's interview at the Congress which took place at Akademie Heiligenfeld. (German only) more
Tania Singer in a report by Tagesspiegel online
August 29th 2019 - Tagesspiegel online reports on Tania Singers contribution at the Symposium „Online Psychotherapy – How? When? For whom?“. The symposium was hostet by the Berlin Fliedner clinic on 28. August 2019. more
Podcast of the Alfred Herrenhausen Society
August 16th 2019 - As part of this Podcast series, hosted by Lisa Rauschenberger, Tania Singer, Jamila Tressel and Alan Posener discuss whether the schoolsystem nowadays is able to face current challenges of the changing society. They further discuss possible directions of knowledge transfer that may include the communication of values such as responsibility, empathy and courage. The Podcast is available in German, only. more
Tania Singer's talk at TOA conference
July 03rd 2019 - Tech Open Air (TOA) is Europe's leading technoloy festival. At the conference more than 150 thought-leaders (tech, art and science) shared their visions and thoughts about how the world may be evolving. more
Second ENCECON workshop

Second ENCECON workshop

June 26, 2019
Second Workshop of the European Neurophenomenology, Contemplative, and Embodied Cognition Network (ENCECON) hosted by Mind and Life Europe and co-organised by Tania Singer took place from June 11th-15th. more
New publication in Current Opinions in Psychology
 August 01st 2019 - A review article presenting results of the ReSource Project will be published as part of the Special Issue Mindfulness in August 2019 more
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