Social Neuroscience Lab

Social Neuroscience Lab

The Social Neuroscience Lab investigates human social behavior. Adopting an interdisciplinary and multi-method approach, we study the neuronal, hormonal, and developmental foundations of human social cognition as well as social and moral emotions such as empathy, compassion and fairness. Further, we are interested in the malleability of social capacities through mental training and its function for social decision making, human cooperation and prosociality.

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- Tania Singer’s talk at Stage 1 at republica 24 in Berlin. May 27, 2024. more

- MPS publishes an Press Release on CovSocial Phase 2 results. May 14, 2024. more

- An Arte-documentation on different mental practices recorded at the Presencing Theater. February 15, 2024. more

- An essay on contemplative dyads in the Mind and Life Institute Series “Insights”. January 12., 2024. more
For our new research project EduSocial School, we are hiring a project coordinator and student assistants. For detailed  information on the positions and how to apply please follow the link below:
- Godara & Singer (2024). 10-Week Trajectories of
Candidate Psychological Processes Differentially Predict Mental Health Gains from Online Dyadic Versus Mindfulness Interventions: A Randomized Clinical TrialJourbal of Clinical Medicine.

Prof. Dr. Tania Singer
Scientific Head
Social Neuroscience Lab
Max Planck Society

Visiting Address:
JFK House
Bertha-Benz-Str. 3
10557 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 2360 8150
Fax:     +49 30 2360 81519

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