Social Neuroscience Lab

Social Neuroscience Lab

The Social Neuroscience Lab investigates human social behavior. Adopting an interdisciplinary and multi-method approach, we study the neuronal, hormonal, and developmental foundations of human social cognition as well as social and moral emotions such as empathy, compassion and fairness. Further, we are interested in the malleability of social capacities through mental training and its function for social decision making, human cooperation and prosociality.

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- Silveira et al. (2022). Exploring the Structure and Interrelations of Time-Stable Psychological Resilience, Psychological Vulnerability, and Social Cohesion. Frontiers in Psychiatry.

Prof. Dr. Tania Singer
Scientific Head
Social Neuroscience Lab
Max Planck Society

Visiting Address:
JFK House
Bertha-Benz-Str. 3
10557 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 2360 8150
Fax:     +49 30 2360 81519

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